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71-72 Grand Prix Trunk
lid,Rust Free but does
have some filler on left
side. $198.88
70-72 Skylark Hoods,both
are rust free. Green is 72
price is $249.88,not
including trim, trim is
$129.88. Other Hood is  
70-72 Lemans Skirts ,
in nice shape including
trim. $129.88
Frame Mounts/
Torque boxes with  
two mounting holes,
larger, found on most
$129.88 pair.
1970-72 Skylark
Rear Extensions,
nice shape. $34.88
each or $59.88
68-69 Skylark
Hood,rust free, does
not include trim
Floor pans taken off
as shown, includes
all braces and inner
rockers $498.88
68 Skylark Dash
structure $98.88
ignition switch with
bezel $44.88
70-72 Skylark, has some
rust in heel, rest is solid.
Has some dents $324.88
Very restorable
70-72 Cutlass 442 left
quarter with inner and
outer wheel house.
Restorable $289.88
1971-72 GP
panel,grill was
sold. Needs
work $198.88
70-72 Skylark rear tulip
panel including hinge
mounts $219.88 not
including speaker tray
Skylark, has little
rust in the lower
heel $298.88
70-72 Skylark Tulip
panel with nice speaker
tray, minor rust starting
in corners. $274.88
1971-72 2 door rear back
seat divider panel, in great
shape. Taken off all spot
welds, does not include
side extensions. $129.88
70-72 Cutlass Convertible
trunk lid, outer is nice,
has rust on rear inner
areas $198.88
70-72 Skylark full tail
panel with frame
mounting support brace,
rust free $279.88
70-72 Skylark top dash
repair panel $174.88,
cowl panel $148.88.
Great daily driver 72
Skylark rear bumper
with brackets $298.88
1971-72 Skylark
un-touched core
support, needs normal
rust repairs $198.88
1972 Cutlass core
support, minor
swelling on battery
side $249.88
71-72 Grand Prix core
support, has rust on
mounting holes.
70-72 Cutlass 2dr sedan door, can
cut off post for hardtop or convert
& save on shipping $249.88, dented
but rust free.
Door Jamb lower
corner sections,
common rust area.
Have both sides,
priced $49.88 ea or
$84.88 pair.
**New Section Cut**
Includes inner brace that
mounts lower heel of fender
to. Covers many sections, left
or right $179.88 each side or
$300.00 pair, rust free parts