Camaro 1978-81
Rust free hood for the 1978-79 Z/28 but will fit the other years 1970-81. This
is the correct hood with the proper inner structure, not a fake. Has a small
ding in the very front.
This has been stripped of the paint showing how nice and straight this trunk lid
is for your Camaro. Fits from the 1974-81.
$60.00 w/o spoiler, with
Rear window filler
panel in super shape
with no rust at all.
Nice straight fender with a crack in the heel(Arizona Rust).
Chemical stripped to see how nice this is with no surprises.
$150.00,side vent has been sold.
Package tray,back seat support and trunk hinge mount area.
This has been taken apart from the spot welds and is rust
Right front inner wheel well, in great shape and not some cheap repro. All
the mounts are still proper.
Here is just the scoop
for the 78-79 Z/28 in
good shape with no
major cracks.
More pieces coming soon.
Air Condition control
panel with all the cables
and vacuum hoses.
Cowl and firewall area
cut out for your 78-81
Camaro. Very nice and
rust free, replace that
rusted area the right
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