1968-72 Chevelle
Door Handles with
buttons, original
GM used parts, not
a cheap repro $
24.88 each.
Seat belts, misc dated
from 1969 thru 1972.
Prices per person
starts off at $24.88 on
Whistle stoppers,
trim between the
1/4 windows and
door glass on 2 dr
hard top 1968-72
Chevelles $39.88 pr
1970-72 Chevelle
back seats, solid
metal, no broken
springs. Upper and
lower pieces
Here are the 4 door
hardtop doors that
are being sold as
shells, individually
priced at $124.88
Tension Rods for
the Trunk, great
shape-$44.88 Pair.
70-72 2dr rear arm
rest back seat filler
panels $39.88 pr.
Factory screw $12.88
set of 8.  
Top of Fender Trim by
the windshield
corners. Nice
1971-72 Full Trunk Floor with Upper and all
support and gas tank braces. Rust free, very nice
shape $319.88
71-72 Left Original
Fender, Rust in heel,
Rest is good, $139.88
Left 70-72 door, has
dent puller holes,
rust free workable
door $249.88
Inner Jamb support
braces, very nice
rust free shape
$74.88 each.
Misc brackets for
grills, front fender
and extensions.
Prices range
between $19.88 to
$24.88 each.
68-72 2 dr roof
support braces. 2
piece for 68-69
$74.88 or single for
70-72, $39.88.
Heater firewall
$198.88  also have
factory A/C
firewall, same price.
Does Not include
the gutter panel.
1968 Chevelle fender,
has rust in lower heel
and under side marker
Inner quarter
Panels, taken off all
spot welds $174.88
pair or $98.88 per
1967 396/350 HP
intake 3883948 date 1
21 7  $198.88 Carb  
1969 396/325 HP auto
7029200 EE $274.88.
Fan is 1971-72
3999260 date J 71
$139.88.1972 water
pumps 6263707 one
date is K136, other is
not clear, $74.88 ea
68-72 Rust free Lower trunk pan with gas tank and
support braces included, untouched. $219.88 Upper
trunk pan for 71-72 including front edge main
support brace that floor pan meets up to. $159.88
The cowl gutters,
full panels $119.88
taken off the seams
on the sides and
windshield channel.
El Camino roof inner
structure. $74.88.
each or $239.88 for
all 4 pieces
2 door Floor Pan with braces including back seat
floor panel. Rust free, taken off all spot welds from
toe boards and rear trunk ledge $474.88 or $598.88
with inner and outer rockers.
El Camino outer
Rockers, rust free
$198.88 pair.
Toe Boards with
hump section
$189.88. A/C
firewall opening