Cool Stuff
I had the car from the movie Pulp Fiction for about while. I bought it off  one of the
crew members who purchased it right after the movie was finished. It was on Ebay
and didn't sell for its set price. I called and talked to the owner to make this was the
car from the movie, I then purchased it via Bank transfer(Never Western Union
anyone)  The car arrived a week later, still dirty and had not been cleaned since the
movie. It still had some of the blood stains under the front seat when folded
forward. I drove it once to the car wash to degrease the original 6 Cylinder motor,not
the nicest ride ever,drum manual brakes too.                                                             
I still have one of the two original licence plates                                                   
seen in the movie.
Crazy but true, I have the original proto type Chevrolet center cap. GM proving
grounds are located in Arizona as I found this in the back trunk area of a 1974
Malibu 4 Dr. It has more fancy designs on the lower area for the curve of the
ribs,that was changed for the straight look. The back side was not opened yet,
maybe the defect this one had holding water? Check out the sample sticker from
GMs design division. First used on the Corvette, open to offers.
Having 5 older brothers and growing up in the 70's, I had to the pleasure of
riding in some very cool cars. Photos will soon come as I am going through
many old albums. My Moms cars where also something today that would bring
some excitement. 1966 Impala S.W traded for a 68 Ford Full Size wagon with
the backwards rear seat, feat hanging out the tailgate. In 1974, she picked up a
low mileage 1971 Torino 500 with the rare optional halo roof Spring Edition, 351
Cleveland, this was the first car I drove and with her permission in the large
back yard.  Then came newer plain cars. Some of my brothers cars were 1966
and 1968 Mustangs,1962 Belair Bubble top,1964 Econoline 302,short wheel
base with a super nice flame job. 1973 Torino with the Starsky and Hutch paint
job, wrong year? Duh.  1964 Impala SS with square headlights from a Cadillac
back in 1979,look was awesome. Too many Novas, Impalas, Skylarks and so
forth, also a panel 1958 Yeoman that I was standing next to with my new Tonka
trucks and Helmet at 2 years old. Cool photos coming very soon.