Some businesses are sold because it
doesn't grown or make enough
money. That is not the case here, its
too much for just myself to keep up.
This last year there were over 289
mail orders, not to mention those
that were in person. The price listed
was based at 1.2 times the annual
sales. There are more then 5000
misc parts, 300 plus hubcaps, 5
parts cars. With the many pages
AzChevs offers, its has many avenues
to bring in those people who work on
the Pontiacs, Buicks and Olds. I have
not put any commercial ads here
either, which would have brought in
a nice amount of income. I had
limited my ads this last year since
shipping would back me up. With
help you could double my price in
the first year. $50,000 may consider
partial trade for a nice vehicle.
Site and Business For Sale
Parts in Glendale, Parts
Cars and more parts in
Sierra Vista. Thanks,Joe